Our appreciation of you and your staff is not exclusively ours. The sentiment is repeatedly expressed by PG&E and Chevron project managers, property owners and tenants, regulators and local agencies, and the general public. While I’d like to think that our firm is a significant factor in the success of our projects, the truth of the matter is that you are that special, secret ingredient in the illusive recipe of repeated success.
— Max Reyhani, President, Terra Pacific Group
I would like to single out Rosanna Peniche, Senior Project Manager. Rosanna was in daily contact with us and went ‘above and beyond’ her actual job duties. There are no words to convey her positive effect on the project. She always made us feel we counted. You have an awesome team and should be very proud.
— Law Office of Bruce Baum
Just wanted you to know that the relationships and partnerships that you established on behalf of the project team and PG&E really set the standard for what we should be striving to achieve on our projects. Thank you again for your involvement and hard work.
— Director, PG&E
The commitment to notify and work with our community was unparalleled. Addressing challenges saved the City of Santa Cruz valuable resources. The public outreach team truly went the extra mile and I can state sincerely that the City and neighbors are pleased with the efforts of both Chevron and PG&E.
— Director of Public Works, Santa Cruz
I have heard nothing but great things about Tracy and her team from stakeholders in Napa. Keep up the great work.
— Branch Manager, Department of Toxic Substances Control
I was pleasantly surprised that you hired workers from the local community – and I am delighted that one of the men you hired from the homeless shelter has secured a full-time job.
— Law Office of Bruce Baum
Our meeting today was the highlight of my week/month. What a talented, remarkable team.
— Chevron Manager
I am writing to thank Craig Communications for all the work you do in our community! What a fantastic opportunity it was for me to join in all the fun at the ‘Wonders in Wetlands’ day. It means so much to my community that you put so much into it. We feel your love.
— Community Member
I just want to say thank you for the complete professionalism during this project. I know it was a huge undertaking. You kept us informed of all issues that might have impacted our ability to perform our daily functions. I was truly worried about the impact this project might have on my business. But the entire construction crew made the impacts minimal. Thank you all for your professionalism, continued outreach, and efforts to keep me informed.
— Business Owner